Thursday, July 20, 2006

Shaolin Temple, Kung Fu and Other Martial Arts

The Shaolin Ch'an Order was founded in 520 AD (CE). The founder was from India, and the group followed Zen Buddhism.  Study the world of creation, and man's place in it. Study the martial arts physically, and extinguish the ego. Study nature and find unity in all life. Meditate, and maximize human potential. See

Shaolin Temple, China

The Shaolin Temple is the center for Kung Fu. See, for the Shaolin Temple history. Translations produce different spellings - how to get the best information. It may depend on the creativity in phonetics.  Here, our Kung Fu is Gung Fu, at ://, Shaolin Gung Fu Institute.

David Carradine, the late actor, represented a character in the 1870's on TV, who was a Shaolin monk. See ://

Kung Fu, streetside, China People do Kung Fu exercises in public, and as part of overall health and conditioning for all ages.

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